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    Hey guys...I know i'm going to be saying a lot of things that many of you crackheads already know. I just received my first storm(mexico .75) today, although i think i've become a forum crackhead already. I've been on this forum for a week or so now and a little long on HowardForum...But I've been attempting to do my research before purchasing the phone. I currently have Helio which I have no complains about and we be perfectly fine to stay with as my service and price are great.But I did want something new, and they don't deliver in that dept. But anyway, as many of you know there are many post out there about the problems the storm has. What's amazing to me coming in as an outsider (until today) is that many of you love the storm, and mostly everyone else wants to love to it, but are just frustrated with it. I understand. As with my first helio, the phone was great but, had really annoying issues. But, i stuck out and my second phone was better.
    Anyway, I plan to kinda keep a log of the issues and great things I come across in the next 30 days...I plan and want the same functionality from this that I have come used to from other phone.
    If I have few issues, then I keep the phone. If I have unbearable issues,....I return it.

    So far. the phone works. During set up, I couldn't change the time and It was like,...oh boy already an issue. I had to complete the set up and then go into the clock app to change the time. Click on the time would not bring up a menu to do anything...and I could do no more than highlight. it. On the positive side, the set up was informative and I could surprising type well. Having played with the storm in the Verizon store, i was not too sure of the "SureType" But I also understood that store phone are beat. I attempted to take a picture. I have read on how some ppl's will turn off when switching orientation during pics. I couldn't duplicate. The auto focus is quite awsome. But how do i take a picture? I was pressing the pic button repeated with no response. Oh, i must be pressing the wrong button. I exited and returned to pics and tried again with luck this time. So, right out of the box the camera app has issues. This is beyond lag though. I text myself to my Helio and the text came quite quick, as well as a replay back to the storm. I sent myself a Pic msg (mms) from the helio...and waited. I then sent another text and it came through immedately....still no pic msg..5 minutes or so. no bother. I turned the phone off and put it on the charger. Then the sound and indicator changed...But the phone was off...Guess not really. My assumption is this is why a "battery pull" is so common as opposed to just a restart. Well, I will test the fwd'ing issue later tonight...But so far so good. I like it. Clickin and typing is fine, the phone interface seems fine...I did have a hard time taking the sticker off the screen, and I was worried about breaking it cause I had to scratch so hard to lift a corner...
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    sorry - thanks for the move. But a quick update. I sent my helio 3 pic fwds...all of which came through. I went and dl'd my first app...GoogleMaps. Issues with this i understand can't completely be put on the phone. But...the dl and install went fine. There were a few times that clickin on things did nothing...similar to the set up I spoke of ealier. Google maps is completely off in locating me to my surpise. My google maps on my helio gets me within 8 meters! this one put me 2.2 miles away from where I really am. Plus, the update was considerably slower than my other phone. The plus side is that navigating around the map is quite easy, and it seems as though once a part of the map is loaded, it stays. So moving to one area and then back again doesn't require reloading of that section of the map all over again. Browsing the internet was amazingly fast though...even though the signal strength isn't that high here. I get 3 bars as opposed to my full with helio....
    update - turning off 911 mode puts the gps spot on...nice
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