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    I'm a pretty tech savvy guy, always out for the newest technology, but I'm pretty new to the smartphone scene. When I first switched from TMO to Verizon, I had the Voyager and after going through three screen failures, I played around with a few smartphones and decided on the Blackberry Curve 8330. BB's simplistic OS really drew me in and fact you could multitask like no other. I was excited when Storm 1 hit but held off from gettin it never having a full touchscreen phone before. After reading all the reviews and problems I kept the 8330 a while longer. That being said, I just received my Storm2 today and I gotta say, I'm impressed. The OS might not be something mind blowingly new and innovative like the new Droid phones comin out, but RIM stuck to what they know. So far, I've had nothing but fast response from the device, screen is beautiful, and to be quite honest, the browser is not THAT bad. Granted, BB's browsers no where compares to what an Iphone or Google can do, but really for what I use to quickly browse internet for on a phone, it works. With Wi Fi set up, browsing is pretty damn quick and easy. I have never owned a fully touchscreen phone before and texting took me all of 5 minutes to pick up and get used to. After about 30 min of play, I can pretty much bang out an SMS or email 100% accurately every time.

    But...I will admit the new Motorola Droid does interest me. I've had 2 Motorolas only back in day with the Razr and the Rizr and they didn't really impress. The Droid seems like a contender, but I guess just like any other technology much is still to be seen. As others have said, I really have no use to have 10, 000+ apps. I probably honestly use about 10 apps on my phone. So I will probably go in store next week and play around with the Motorola Droid and see what it's all about. But I'm pretty confident I'll stick with my BB. Ever since I first tried one out, I swore I would never go back to any other phone. Never owned a Storm1 but I can tell you the Storm2 performs pretty damn well for what I need it for.
    10-30-09 07:19 PM
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    I am interested in the Droid as well. I do not like the idea that everything I do on Android (and Google for that matter) could/will be used for marketing/reporting purposes and sold to the highest bidder. Google is a fantastic search engine but everyone needs to remember how they make money. I'd rather pay a little extra $ and not be part of the media/marketing machine when it comes to mobile device apps.

    Just my opinion.
    10-30-09 07:45 PM