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    LoL...my title says it all. My screen, after about a minute of typing gets real stiff! Like now, I'm having to PUSH the keys. When I first got my Storm, my screen was perfectly balanced. Not mushy, not hard. I've noticed lately my screen needs more effort, force, to type. It sucks, slows me down. I use to fly over my keyboard, now I'm having to push each key with effort..not just tap it. Is this something that happends? I know about the screw in the back to adjust my screen. I don't have a tool that fits it, plus I don't like messing with that stuff. Unless I know for sure, I don't play with it. I use my phone a lot, everything is fine. Oh, I just did a battery pull. I do them weekly. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks.

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    01-10-11 04:51 PM
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    Keep it away from those sexy Droids.

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    01-10-11 04:52 PM
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    Keep it away from those sexy Droids.

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    no way another engletucky person on here FTW lol
    01-10-11 06:09 PM
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    Press the screen lock button once to lock the screen, again to unlock it, again to lock it and once more to unlock it. Your screen should loosen up.

    This is a known problem. Does not happen often on mine but when it does, that sequence fixes it. Usually, i just press really hard. The problem will go away after a while.
    Have you ever had an issue when texting or typing an email and the screen sort of stutters like when i'm trying to type a letter and it kinda "rapid fires" under your finger and goes back to the homepage?

    Then you have to go back into your messages and resume. It happens often but not everyday for me.
    01-11-11 08:10 AM
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    Interesting fix. I'll be sure to do that once in a while.

    Do the newer gen s2's have this issue? I'm in the process of getting mine replaced due to various thing slowly not working (mechanically speaking).

    Thank you!
    01-11-11 08:11 AM
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    My Storm 2 has not had that problem but one of my Storms got replaced under warranty for that problem. It has to do with the digitizer. You can replace the digitizer but it is a touchy job.
    Funny you said that because this is my replacement phone too. But the problem didn't start until I made the bad decision of updating the software to 1015.....then all **** broke loose.
    01-11-11 08:25 AM