05-15-09 06:39 PM
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  1. chuckh0308's Avatar
    I just found the VZN protectors to be easily marred or show flaws sooner than what seems to be the two OEM ones that came with the phone. The top layer that came with the phone lasted my about 5 months before I just thought it was looking like it needed to be swapped out, the bottom one, which I though was the glass... it's friggin awesome. The Vzn one, that lasted about a week before I was wanting to replace it.
    I'm really confused about all the layers you're talking about. So you had a VERizon screen protector on top of the shipping protector that you just removed? If so that might be why it didn't hold up well. If you install the VZW protector correctly right onto the glass it will last a long, long, long time.

    However, to be honest, knowing now what I didn't know back in November, I would probably say not to waste money on screen protectors. The glass on these things is really, really resilient to scratching and I think the screen works better naked and without protection (insert sexual reference here!).
    05-14-09 02:20 AM
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    If you don't already know, the VZW protectors come in 3 layers with 2 needing to be removed.

    I recently just removed the OE protector that came with the phone and used a VZW protector. I found it serves it's purpose and there's no reason not to put one on. It's cheap, temporary and adds an extra layer of protection to the only part that really needs it.
    05-14-09 03:33 AM
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    Ok, to clear things up, when I got the phone is technically had three layers; the very top was a very obvious protection layer that had writing on it and I removed right away. Then there was another another protection layer on there that was cut just a little smaller than the shape of the glass and I thought, at the time, was the last level in screen protection. I removed that and put on a VZN protector on, not knowing that I was putting it over the actual last layer of protection.

    Now stick with me here; after it went in the toilet I removed the VZN protector and thought I was down to the naked screen (but I wasn't), and noticed what looked like a bubble under the glass and the black foam (I'm assuming it's foam), and thought the screen was becoming unsealed. BUT, apparently, thankfully, I was totally wrong and it was just the last layer of screen protection (OEM) bubbling on the edge.

    Problem solved... I'm an *****.
    05-15-09 06:21 PM
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    Hmm. I only have the one. It could be that your phone was "used" and returned to the store with a screen protector.

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    05-15-09 06:39 PM
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