1. rboetger's Avatar
    Here are some of the problems I am having with ver.90. Part way through a song the unit hard resets every time! One the Storm comes up it want you to set the time and date and teach you how to use the phone.

    The screen will not auto turn off it is always on.

    When a picture loads it gets stuck on the screen - you cannot swipe to the next picture. Also you cannot change from portrait to landscape.

    Anyone else having similar problems or different problems?
    01-31-09 09:04 PM
  2. Zan.exe's Avatar
    take the sim card out
    01-31-09 09:28 PM
  3. rboetger's Avatar
    What does that do? Do I leave it out?
    02-02-09 06:49 AM
  4. spektakle's Avatar
    upgrade to .99 it's much better then .90
    02-02-09 06:51 AM