1. missalethea's Avatar
    No blinking lights, no white screen... nothing. Tried charging...no luck.

    It's like it completely died, and I have had the phone only one week...

    Anyone else have this issue?

    I will go to the Verizon store if problem persists.
    05-15-09 06:13 AM
  2. bmfan's Avatar
    other then pulling the battery and putting it back in there isn't much you can do. try that, if it doesnt start up take it in
    05-15-09 06:16 AM
  3. DankJemo's Avatar
    It is broken and needs to be repaired, or replaced. If you know the battery has a full charge, and a battery pull doesn't work for you there isn't all that much you can do to fix it.

    This problem is going to persist. Take it back today and get a new one. Even if it does turn back on eventually, it is a brand new phone and it shouldn't be acting like that.
    05-15-09 07:34 AM
  4. joeg_007's Avatar
    Mine did the exact same thing last week. I went to Verizon and they sent a replacement, it arrived two days later. Verizon said the charger port looks to have broke on mine? I would say bring it in asap.
    05-15-09 09:14 AM
  5. missalethea's Avatar
    Thanks for all the advise guys. I took it in and apparently I had a "defective battery". They took care of it and all is well in my Blackberry world.

    Have a great weekend!
    05-16-09 06:29 PM