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    He likes to go to sleep, slowly fading the screen and slipping into a deep slumber. Problem is, sometimes he's impossible to wake back up. It's like I used to be back in my high school day's when my mother would come in at 6am to wake me, just ain't happening.

    Doesn't happen a whole lot, but sure is extremely annoying when i'm texting someone and I can still see the message indicator flashing because I just got a new text and I hear the chime, but he just won't get out of bed. Then have to do a battery pull just to read the text. It's really annoying when things are time sensitive. (If the phone didn't take so long to boot, it'd be no biggy.)

    This people is why we need a new leak... .75 is WAY too slow, going back to it i'd likely throw my phone out the window. Anything under 100 turned out to be too buggy, yet still better than .75. Then .103 was almost god, but still had it's issues. .109 almost achieves god status, but keeps falling out of the heavens. With all this talk about being in the .120's and higher, I'd **** myself multiple times just installing it.

    Then other's say that had we not had any leaks, i'd not be ********. True, I wouldn't have this phone if we were still on .75. (For us VZW peeps.) I got a blackberry because I don't use the phone a lot at all. It seemed like the perfect solution as it eliminated my need to carry a laptop around with me at work. When it's performing as intended, it is the PERFECT solution. Until then, I still carry my laptop with me just in case... I want to rely on this phone, I know it has the potential..... Just don't keep us waiting too long.

    Perhaps if we had more solid evidence of an official release coming with the App World, that'd put me at bay for the time being. It will just be extremely disappointing if the official release is anything under .109. (I've seen other manufacturer's do something stupid like that, so i'm not ruling out the possibilities.)

    Perhaps this belongs in the rant section, but seeing as it's primarily about .109 and begging on my knees for another leak... I see it fit to be here.
    03-07-09 11:24 PM