1. BolivianFuego's Avatar
    It randomly turned off with semi' low battery. I assumed that it was the battery, but went out with one orange bar left.

    I got home and plugged it to my charger, and since then it just does the hour glass thing and the red light turns on, which tells me that its going to start up..... but then it just shuts off.

    It then repeats and goes to the hour glass, then red light, and then shuts off. What the EFF????

    Is my phone dead??? Am I going to have to go to verizon?
    10-31-10 12:16 PM
  2. BolivianFuego's Avatar
    Ok, did a 15min long battery pull and punched my phone lol and it worked again.
    10-31-10 01:16 PM