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    Okay, I have had my Storm 2 for about 5 months now with no problems. Tonight I turned it on and got a white screen that says App Error 523. This is right after it does it's thing verifying the software or whatnot. This error happens every time I boot my phone so there is nothing I can do from it. I tried restoring using Desktop Manger but it would let me do anything because of that app error! The pin number of the phone comes up on Desktop Manger so it knows its there but I can't do anything else.

    I am leaving on vacation Saturday. I hope I can get this worked out before then. Please help.
    06-11-10 12:41 AM
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    06-11-10 12:46 AM
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    Gosh, I hate I have to do this. :'( I guess I will wake up bright and early to try this. At least it will be fixed and I will have a phone while out of town. If anyone has any info to add or anything please let me know.

    Thanks Dave!
    06-11-10 12:55 AM
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    The app loader program needed for step 1 isn't even on my computer. It is an app extension file type therefore there is nothing to open. I am using the latest version of Desktop Manger so I guess things have changed.
    06-11-10 01:00 AM
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    Have you installed any new apps lately? Have you done anything differbyly than you normally do on that boot up? If you want to start the phone in safe mode you can delete the app that you have most recently installed to see if that solves the problem. Hold the escape key *(back key) during the loading process and it will boot in safe mode allowing you to remove programs.

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    06-11-10 01:05 AM
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    So what is the escape/backup key on the Storm?
    06-11-10 01:17 AM
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    I think I am at a point where I can install a fresh OS but if this safe mode option will work I would rather go that route. Thanks for helping me so quickly because I need this fixed fast.

    Edit: Okay, my phone does not want to go into safe mode.

    Edit 2: Okay, I got it in safe mode but it still did the same ol song and dance. lol Damn Blackberry.
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    06-11-10 01:19 AM
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    Your better off to just wipe and reload everything again.
    06-11-10 01:40 AM
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    Yes, I am downloading the latest official OS. As long as the loader will load it correctly I should be out of the water.
    06-11-10 01:49 AM
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    Crap, the thing I downloaded was an installer. What file do I need to use when I press "add" on the loader?
    06-11-10 01:56 AM