1. Terrigno's Avatar
    Hello guys. I just wanted to drop my personnal veiws of my Storm vs my new IPOD TOUCH I just bought. I really wanted to get it to see what all the fuss about is with Iphones and Ipod touches. I used the phone before and now I was able to experiment with the Touch.

    Well, for startes, the response on the Touch is sweet. I wont get that wrong. Compared to the Storm, its effortless for touching the Touch but then again, Storm has the SurePress feature that I am growing to love. Now this being my 2nd Blackberry that I owned since last Auguest, I can say that im actually in love. The touch is nice feature wise as in aps, safari, scrolling and navigating. But for some reason, the Storm is more proffesional in this series for me. I am just your normal 25 year old guy that uses a phone for normal things like calling, but love the fact that the Email is the best in its class for A Cell phone. Now I came from the Curve and that was a lovely phone. Then the Storm really opened it up for me. Im still running .75 and have NO problem with this OS so theres no need for me to change it just yet. Im so addicted to Blackberrys and the Storm, that I purchased 3 More Storms brand new from ebay users for cheaper prices just to have as back ups or sell them for later on. This phone is simply facinating! The Touch or Iphone compared to it is like a little toy trying to mess with a big leauge phone. Im very proud to be a Storm owner and I have a feeling that as long as Im alive......I will ALWAYS own a Blackberry. The phones are just awesome. The Touch isnt bad, but I can tell you right now. I would rather have a Storm over even a 16GB Ipod Touch as of right now. It just seems so much more professional then the Touch.

    Well, I just wanted to share my review with you guys as I am new to using an Ipod Touch and wanted to see what it was like. Its nice to have if you dont have a phone like a Storm because it packs Wi-fi which is really sweet. Ill be honest, if it didnt have that, I wouldnt of bought it. The Storm though on the other hand, is well worth Verizons $530 price for it I think. I baby these things so much. Not to mention that I still have a brand new Blackberry Curve in the box from Verizon to lol. So thats 1 Curve and 4 Storms. Not to mention my 3 Dell Computers. 1 Desktop and 2 Laptops. Im just a tech freak. But I will say this.............I dont care if Iphone came to Verizon. I still wouldnt switch to it.

    Thanks for reading. I was bored and wanted to type something up
    01-29-09 12:21 AM
  2. leviatus's Avatar
    I use both my Storm and 32gb Touch on a day-to-day basis and think they compliment each other quite well. My Touch handles music, movies, and Wifi for sites that suck on the Storm, and my Storm takes care of most of the issues that I have with the iPhone.
    01-29-09 12:30 AM
  3. LBZEE312's Avatar
    Thanks for the post. I love my storm! i've debating on getting the ipod touch for awhile now....and i think i might just get it.
    01-29-09 01:16 AM
  4. GeneralMills's Avatar
    I'm going to wait until August-December for the new iPod touch and then buy a refurbished one. They are way too expensive for me.
    01-29-09 01:42 AM
  5. vjdup's Avatar
    I personally like my Zune. I've had an iPhone at original release, and a Nano.

    Zune brings ease of use and a wider range of playable files (without conversion), plus I have multiple PCs i "obtain" music from. With iTunes, you're mated to ONE PC. IE; You can't have 3 songs from this PC, and 2 from that one. iTunes will delete the current files when syncing new ones.

    Zune? Nope. I can get a song here and a song there.

    Blackberries? True dude. Play with a Blackberry for 5 minutes, you'll think it's too complicated, and you'll hate it.

    Use a Blackberry for a week and you'll never want/need/have another device....
    Spot on!

    I came from the Palm devices, they are 1 handed usable. The Storm is not. So its difficult to come to this device if youve had a smartphone or an IPhone before.
    About a week into it and Im up and running, wont go back.

    BUT, the APPs MUST be released soon......
    01-29-09 02:23 AM
  6. Terrigno's Avatar
    THe apps is definatly a must on the Storm. I have Safe Wallet and Checkbook Pro which are great for storing information from websites, logins, CC #s, and the Banking apps for your Transactions and ballence. Its great to have this stuff. But I love the functionality the iTouch has with Apps to. Now im debated to carry the Storm in one pocket and the Touch in another lol
    01-29-09 09:01 AM
  7. Kebero's Avatar
    Spot on!
    I came from the Palm devices, they are 1 handed usable. The Storm is not.
    Exactly how is the Storm not usable with only one hand?
    01-29-09 10:32 AM
  8. forte831's Avatar
    Suretype equals one handed goodness. I contemplated getting a touch to use alongside a dumbphone but decide that would be a bad idea.
    01-29-09 10:50 AM
  9. camarofever's Avatar
    I have both the storm and a 32 gb itouch. i love my storm better then any phone ive had a few are the dare and omnia . btw imo the dare is better then the omnia . but both the storm and my itouch r my two fav devices they do compliment each other well and i carry and use both of them everyday !!
    01-29-09 11:02 AM