02-23-09 05:18 PM
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  1. vevans2's Avatar
    I have a storm running the .103.109 hybrid I haven't had a reboot at all. I listen to music surf the web it does it all and I am using the android theme which is sweet. I know some apps cause problems slacked froze up on me yesterday I had to restart slacker. It was the app that froze the storm has been solid. However, this is my second phone my first phone was flawless also after the .99 update but my screen click was not good and I got worried and had it replaced with my new storm. This storms screen clicks perfect and I have had it for over two weeks with no problems.
    02-23-09 04:52 PM
  2. mdude85's Avatar

    1. Reboots at least two times a day

    Wow! That might be a hardware issue. How long has it been doing this? You should probably take it into a store to get looked at. Mine reboots about once per 1.5 weeks.
    02-23-09 05:14 PM
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    You are in a fishbowl man! Yes, us very technical people know how to load betas and recover data when the thing crashes but the average person doesn't. Look at it from the eyes of a non technical person who got lured into the phone by the slick marketing and commercials and now has a .75 phone that runs slower than molasses and doesn't know what to do.
    Well, the average person is also not downloading all sorts of 3rd party applications, trying to multitask with 10 applications at once, constantly monitoring their free RAM, performing soft resets, etc. I know several people considered "average" users and they have no problems with the Storm. For them, the phone runs just fine.

    The only thing I've seen "average people" complain about is the accelerometer acting a little screwy sometimes.
    02-23-09 05:18 PM
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