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    First of all, I am using an unlocked Storm on T-Mobile's network which means three things:

    I do not get 3G speed, I am stuck with EDGE. This does not bother me too much as EDGE loads pretty quickly and only lags when there are a ton of graphics.

    Also, I have to constantly deal with the radio files and keeping a data connection.

    Further, I paid $400.00 for the phone since I didn't sign a contract. I probably paid more than anyone on Verizon, unless you too did not want a contract.

    However, even with all these setbacks, this is the best phone I have ever had. I want to be one of the few who seems to stick up for it. If you use a leaked OS, you will not have any issues with speed. There may be some graphics issues, which I haven't noticed, but the lag is gone. Further, using a business card or unscrewing the torx will fix the screen click problem if there is one.

    The bottom line is this: I, like those on AT&T or T-Mobile have had to do more to our phones to get them to work, and I still love it. If you want an iPhone, go buy an iPhone and let the Storm go. They are still selling for a decent price on Ebay. I am tired of reading peoples posts about how much they hate the phone, but keep it! It amazes me! That would be like going to a restaurant and ordering a dish, then after each bite you complain that it tastes horrible but you wont send it back.

    Remember, you signed up for the first touch screen BB, and guess what that means? It means it is going to have bugs, and probably quite a few. If you wanted something solid, you should have went with a Curve or another BB.

    With that said, I love the Storm and cant wait to see it evolve over time.
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    Good post. I am glad you are happy with your Storm! Unfortunately, you will probably get a few flamers and nay sayers in here anyway. Some people got a good Storm, others... not so much. But, some people will always complain even if it were raining golden Willy Wonka tickets.

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    I agree with your post... I was given the storm as a gift for my birthday, and i had done no prior research on it since I did not plan on getting it... All I can say is that when I first used it I liked the feel much better than the iPhone that I have(had a blackberry as well) But i feel like you gotta know that when a product like this first comes out it wont be good until further updates (assuming that there are no MAJOR issues with hardware, my storm does not have any) I just recently switched back to my iphone last week and am now running .109 on my storm because i enjoy using it more, and everything is really smooth so far(AWESOME)... i just wanted to be able to use some useful applications for a minute, and the storm will hopefully have many next month!
    im tired so i wont rave too much but i agree with OP
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