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    Ok, so ive been following the Storm forums for months now like Im sure many of you have. This is a highly anticipated device, i think the problem with some people on these boards is they get so hyped up for something thinking its going to be the best thing they have ever seen and are let down when its not. Is this Rim's fault? No! Its there fault, Rim produces a product with there own design, style and OS, I mean **** why wouldnt they want to make some money off of the touch screen frenzy going on now. I guess my point is this is a phone, Rim produces many differnt versions of phones. Why, because different strokes for different folks. If you dont like something then there is probably something else out there for you, you dont have to like the Storm, nobody is making you purchase this phone and if you do and dont like it return it. Instead people want to come onto the internet and bash the product to no end, personally I love the Storm. Ive had everything from Treo's to older BB's to the Voyager and Dare. Every phone ive owned has had some kind of bug or glitch, and you know what they get fixed. Shoot if you think you can make something better then do it. Not to mention being a day one adopter you set your self up for problems, Rim and Verizon can test this thing till no end but until the product reaches real world testing from thousands of customers they cant catch everything. Yes i have glitches but once again its my fault for wanting this thing the day it is released and i have full confidence it will get updated and work the way it was intended. For the people talking about napkins under the battery and this fix and that fix, take the thing back and get it switched out for a working model, these are mass produced, there is going to be a decent defective rate especially on a touch screen device, its going to happen get over it. Long story short, i love the Storm and hope it improves with time, for those who dont take it back, there are thousands of phones to choose from on a hand full of carriers. I for one think they did a good job aside from a few small annoyances.
    11-24-08 10:13 AM
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    AMEN ! If ppl dont like it return it. simple.
    11-24-08 10:36 AM
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    Agreed, Personally I really like the Storm and the unique screen. I can type much more accurately on the Storm than I can on any other touch screen. I'm sure that a software upgrade will solve many of the other SMALL issues.
    11-24-08 10:41 AM
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    Here here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    11-24-08 10:41 AM
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    the storm is awesome!!!
    11-24-08 10:44 AM
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    I cant wait

    Nov 24, 2008 7:49 AM

    On FedEx vehicle for delivery

    11-24-08 10:46 AM
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    Complaining about the complaining... BRILLIANT!!!!

    If you like the phone, keep it. simple.
    11-24-08 10:47 AM
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    I agree wth this 100%. This is brand new technology and little bugs are to be expected. I am a very critical user and I think the Storm is great. KIDS on here built it up to the pont they were having dreams about getting this phone. Is it perfect? No. Is it awesome? For me, yes.
    11-24-08 10:55 AM
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    Complaining about the complaining... BRILLIANT!!!!

    If you like the phone, keep it. simple.
    Complaining about the complaining about the complaining???
    11-24-08 10:56 AM
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    I think the Storm is awesome haven't had any major problems either. But derfinately people if you need to stick a piece of paper under the battery to make the click work you should take it back and get another one.
    11-24-08 11:02 AM
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    I agree. In fact, all the whining I see about the Storm prompted me to register just so I could reply to this thread. This is nothing new. When the Treo 650 came out people whined. When the HTC PPC-6700 came out, people whined. When the 6800 came out, guess what? People whined. And yes, even when the mighty iPhone came out, people whined. The OP is absolutely right. Expectations are often set way too high.

    It's BlackBerry's FIRST TOUCHSCREEN PHONE. Do you not expect that there are going to be some bugs? I did. But that's the price I was willing to pay to be an early adopter. And FWIW, this only cost me $200. I paid over $350 for my old Treo 650 which, truth be told, had a lot more problems out of the box than the Storm. I'm going into day 3 with the Storm and it's running like a champ. Does it do everything I could possibly want or imagine it could do? No. But show me a phone that does. It's a trade-off. I'm keeping my Storm. I like it. Nobody says you have to keep yours. You've got 30 days. Take it back.
    11-24-08 11:04 AM
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    Yeah, I dont get why people come on here and start threads trying to convince people that the storm doesn't work well and it is a failure. If you feel that way go buy another phone and go to a forum for that product and talk with all that products users about how great it is. Don't come here and bash this product.

    Personally I think it's great!

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    11-24-08 11:06 AM
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    My phone is fine. I love it. It lagged when i first got it now that I deleted Vnav and rebooted friday. Its be A+++

    Return the **** thing and get another phone
    11-24-08 11:14 AM
  14. TravelinGal's Avatar
    Complaining about the complaining... BRILLIANT!!!!

    If you like the phone, keep it. simple.
    Complaining about the complaining about the complaining???
    ROFLMBO! That's too darn funny you two!

    I love it.

    What really frustrates me (more specifically, on another forum) is that people don't read the manual and start asking very basic questions - and are upset that "it" doesn't work right.

    Between the $50 rebate, the Verizon upgrade credit and our VIP credit, this new phone is costing us $99. I'm sure not going to complain!! And, in all honesty, I haven't found anything to complain about yet!
    11-24-08 11:16 AM
  15. shylard's Avatar
    Here here! I agree wholeheartedly! If you don't like it, return it.
    11-24-08 11:17 AM
  16. fineazzne1's Avatar
    11-24-08 11:33 AM
  17. alan8385's Avatar
    Listing problems with the phone and asking for assistance or looking for a bigger issue is fine, but i'm tired of hearing people try to convince people not to get the phone or telling someone they're stupid for liking it..

    I LOVE MY STORM!!!!!
    11-24-08 11:37 AM
  18. danieljm94's Avatar
    I just went to my local VZW store because I'm too impatient to wait for mine to be delivered. While I was there playing around with one for the first time, I really liked it. Sure, because I'm coming from a curve, it's going to take some getting used to, but that's expected. I'm also that type of person that really likes new things, so learning something like this to me is all part of it. Anyways, most of the gripes I have heard from people are software-related issues that can be fixed in no time flat. I'm pretty excited and hope I don't have to wait till Dec 15 to get mine...

    Anyways, while I was at the store I was hearing the same kind of complaints from people about how it's not the greatest thing in the world to them and the WHOLE time I was thinking, "then why don't you just get something else? If your (insert smart phone here) is better for you for work or whatever, just keep it."
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    11-24-08 11:54 AM