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    Rant on.

    Gf went to the corp store on Montague street in Brooklyn. She put her name in the computer for me. After a bit the computers crashed and everyone had to be put on a list. Mind you they told my gf that she would probably not be called until about 3pm so she went back to school. At about 2pm she shows back up and has to be put on the list. Long story short I got there around 3:30 and waited with her until about 6:15pm when they finally called us. Now here is whats messed up. The guy in front of me got the LAST STORM!!! Not only that they still had Storms lying around but they said people already paid for them! I was there last week and even a few days ago and they said they were not allowed to take Pre-Orders. I have a feeling these preorders were for new Verizon customers and it pisses me off. Now I am without a Storm until the second week of Dec since it probably won't be shipped until the 5th.

    I even tried the demo version they had, running on .61 and I was far from impressed. Laggy OS and even typing was lagged. I hope the future OS updates fix these problems.
    11-21-08 07:06 PM
  2. bigbirdlarry's Avatar
    that sucks.
    11-21-08 07:07 PM
  3. MuDvAyNe's Avatar
    Yea I was so pissed that I kind of went off on the lady a bit lol. I feel a bit bad now but I guess that's what happens when you are waiting for hours.
    11-21-08 07:12 PM
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    Same here went to the corporate store and they had about 10 on 'hold' for people to pick up. BS order one and when I get I get get I guess.

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    11-21-08 07:23 PM