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    I'm new to the storm actually I' new to Blackberrys! I have a question:

    Can you use backup assistant to transfer your contacts or do I have to bring my Samsung to a Verizon store to transfrer them?
    12-05-08 06:02 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    I don't think the back up assistant works with BB.
    12-05-08 06:22 PM
  3. Accidental Post's Avatar
    No backup asst with any BB use the DM to sync with outlook go to store they will txfr for free oh yeah welcome to the addiction!!!!!
    12-05-08 06:42 PM
  4. bbstorm4me's Avatar
    nope it is not there on the storm. Last time, 2 years ago when I chaged phones verizon wanted $10 to transfer data. That woulc have been worth it for the frustration I had doing it manually.

    Real bummer. This time I had to figure a way to get all my contacts onto the storm.
    It took forever as I did not find a good solution.

    I was able to get a list from the online verizonwireless backup assistent webpage since you can edit them online from a prior phones use. I took that and got it in a format that was basically a CSV comma separated file with the correct data in the correct columns and sucked it into outlook express on a XP laptop I had as the Vista did not seem to have the export option.

    Well maybe it does I just could not find it. Anyway the import asks you to map fields up so I had the format wrong and had to go edit it again. From there I exported it to separate vCard format .vcf

    But the kicker is each contact has to be a separate export! Once you get the exports all done I was able to import them on the STORM by having it read an email with all the .vcf files attached.

    Well it was something like that. A ton of work. Try the whole process on two contacts first to see what works then do the rest.

    There are programs on the web that do some conversions and I tried a few but none did it the direction I needed.

    I thought I could just have it sync with the backup manager but it does not exist on the STORM. not a supported phone.

    See if verizon will do it for free or pay the $10 and save some frustration.
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    12-05-08 06:53 PM