1. Kunfusion209's Avatar
    i was trying to set a caller ringtone and then all of a sudden my sounds wasnt working? has anybody experienced this prob? or does anybody know how to rest it or fix it? my phone is unlocked with t-mobile service as well thanks guys
    02-02-09 03:01 AM
  2. paulDIAT's Avatar
    Had the same problem.

    I was listening to music, put it on pause, then play again (in a few seconds) and nothing came out of the earphones. So I thought it was just an mp3 error. Turns out that when I tried calling my girlfriend a few seconds later, the phone did ring on her side, but not on mine, so it said connected for about 30 seconds, but no rings or voices came out on my end.

    Very strange. I doubt there is a "fix" to this. I think it was just a system glitch.

    Anywho, I just pulled out the battery and it was back to normal.
    02-02-09 03:28 AM
  3. Kunfusion209's Avatar
    did it and it worked thanks
    02-02-09 04:12 AM