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    Well, it's a mixed bag. Some things I love. Some are bad, (but *may* be improved with updated software, maybe), and some are so-so.

    It's my first blackberry, so I'm not used to typing at warpspeed on a typical BB qwerty keyboard. Typing on the touchscreen does take a bit of getting used to, but after a while it feels similar to typing on something like a voyager or other full-qwerty layout. Except that the buttons can change (alpha to numbers, for example). It's got its idiosyncrasies, however, such as having both thumbs touching the keyboard will make it difficult to type the correct one. So, there's a learning curve.

    Besides that, this is DEFINITELY a v1.0 device. It's a bit flaky and inconsistent. I've had a crash or two, and sometimes it pauses for no good reason. That's the part I'm hoping will get better when updated software becomes available.

    The phone's browser is pretty fast -- my daughter's exact words were "Wow!' when comparing it to her voyager. And the touchscreen is much better than the voyager's (no comparison there, really -- the voyager's touchscreen is pretty much a gimmick, whereas the Storm's is the main interface.)

    Battery life so far seems to be mediocre, but then again I've been playing with the thing non-stop. I'll see what it's like in a week.

    The camera -- now that's something I'm really impressed with. I haven't looked at pictures on a computer screen yet, but from what I can see the camera takes pretty good pictures. Certainly better pictures than my first real digital camera did! As others have noted, the camera's shutter release is pretty darn slow. Hopefully that will change with updated software at some point.

    Size -- my old phone is a Moto Razor. The Razor has always been considered one of the thinner, smaller phones out there. So how do the two compare? When you look at the two phones separately, the storm looks much larger, yet when you then side by side the difference is not as great as you would think. The Storm IS heavier. But the Storm is actually slightly slimmer than the Razr. The storm is about 1/2" taller and 1/4" wider than the razor.

    Video playback quality is excellent, except that the screen's aspect ratio is 4:3, or close to it. So if you're going to watch movies on it, they'll probably end up letter-boxed.

    Email, messaging, etc. Hey, it's a Blackberry. It works. <24 hours and I'm already addicted to having my email pushed into my pocket. Not sure how I ever lived without it now!

    There's a million things I haven't learned about it yet. One of these days I'll get around to installing DM. And get over to a (probably packed) VZW store to transfer my contacts over to the BB (the OTA method for backing up the Razor didn't work).

    Oh, one last thing -- those of you with chargers and cables with MINI-USB connectors, if you don't want to buy all new stuff, those $1.60 mini-to-micro USB adapters (search for "mini micro usb adaptor" on amazon) seem to work, at least for chargers. I haven't tried it yet on a data cable to the PC.
    11-23-08 01:00 PM