1. tdavi82#CB's Avatar
    This is a recent event to my BB storm 9530. I can make calls, go on FB, look at pix, web, weatherbug, or whatever and everything runs fine and battery drains as expected. If i listen to music with the blackberry music player (music stored on sd card that came with it, I have been using this sd card since i had it over a year ago.) the battery drains extremely fast. The strange thing is, I shutdown the music player. This happened a few times and I suspected the music player so I did all manual "close" on the app. and I checked the menu to make sure it wasnt running (it wasnt)..

    After the music player is used and shutdown, the battery will go from ~90% to 0% in about 6 hours of standby.

    I have tested the issue using just weatherbug, i thought it was the original problem but battery ran fine that day. I then ran many apps and downloaded new ones and ran them, battery ran fine. I ran the music player, shut it down and BAM, dead battery. I have to remove the battery to get it to not keep draining. If I dont remove the battery and charge the battery, it will keep draining.

    I know this is a long post, but I wanted to be thorough. Please help with this issue. I have the latest update BB OS v5.0.0.328
    08-07-10 03:35 AM