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    Hi everybody!
    I am experiencing problems with the sound quality of music player.
    While with .78 I noticed that the sound in "waywing" : it was randomly going up and down. I really hated it.
    .90 was great for sound quality but it gave only few seconds for listening : it restarted every time I launched music player, in about 10 secods.
    In .100 it was again vaiwing.
    I reported that in .106 the problem was solving... but it is not really the case :
    After a battery pull, during rather a long time, it is perfect : loud, no vaiwing. But in some time, it starts again vaiwing. I am not sure but I thing that this occurs after an interruption like an ingoing call, but not always. Moreover, in some cases it may go to a really low volume while song changing. Only battery pull solves it.
    Moreover, I am still irritated by 1-second artificial pauses between songs (in cases when music is continous, the "songs" split is virtual).
    Reading the forum I do not see anybody suffering for this. Am I the only one to be so sensitive for this kind of things ? Any solutions ?
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