1. NYGiants2008's Avatar
    Sorry if this is already posted but i could not find it but here it goes...

    Is it possible to transfer music i have on my blackberry storm, and put it on another PC?
    05-23-09 05:08 PM
  2. Morf32's Avatar
    Just put the Storm in mass storage mode, and copy the files from the device to the PC. I don't see any reason why that shouldn't work.
    05-23-09 05:16 PM
  3. stormcrackers's Avatar
    +1 for mass storage mode. Just use it like u would use a thumb drive. Moving music on and off. Piece of cake. OR u could go buy a thumb drive for 9 bux.

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    05-23-09 06:36 PM
  4. NYGiants2008's Avatar
    after i enable mass storage mode what do i do?
    05-23-09 09:35 PM
  5. Morf32's Avatar
    after i enable mass storage mode what do i do?
    Plug the phone into the computer using the USB cable. A window should pop up showing you the two "drives" on the Storm... one will be for the device memory... the other will be for the media card. When you determine which one is the media card, go to the music folder and transfer the files to the PC.
    05-23-09 10:11 PM