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    I've been a very loyal BB user, willing to put up with minor issues. My old 8330 sits in the drawer as backup, complete with a water-stained screen from a water mishap. Wifey has an 8330, and I have yet another Storm 1 in the drawer as another backup.

    Using the Storm 2 has been an uneven experience, especially with respect to text editing on some websites. I love the Surepress; faster on it than physical keyboards. My S2 did something really weird in the last month. In addition to the known digitizer problems (it was a November phone) the GPS stopped working and wifi got intermittent. Battery life got to the point that it munched 2+ batteries per day, resulting in multiple battery pulls and 10 minute reboots. VZW rep did a warranty swap, and all of those problems disappeared.

    Anyway, played with a Bold and was pretty impressed. The new digitizer on this phone has already displayed hypersensitivity, and I'm worried it will also misbehave. If it comes time for yet another replacement, I'm going to go back to physical keyboard and something that supports OS6. It's a nuisance to click on a text box to type, and have the BB click "send" instead. Witness the 2 erroneous posts I accidentally did in the last 10 minutes just trying to navigate the text box. I'm no blackberry newbie; this has been making me crazy for 9 months now.

    Anyway, has anyone had that particular constellation of failures on their S2? It was mechanical fault on the keyboard and GPS, unclear on the wifi and battery.

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    Hypersensitivity? I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing to most S2 users - I for one do hope that mine is less sensitive. Right now it takes little to no effort to click on the screen - sometimes I just tap lightly and it clicks as well.

    I've no issues with GPS or WiFi at all. Tested all the functions with Google Maps and App World and etc. My battery drops 20% after a day of really light usage. Most of the time it's on sleep in my pouch.

    Had mine for 2 days so far, so I guess we'll find out soon.
    08-25-10 10:53 PM
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    Don't get me wrong; when it's humming, the Storm 2 is a great phone. I consider hypersensitive to be clicking 2 or 3 times when my finger is just brushing the screen.

    GPS was apparently a chip fault; couldn't lock onto a signal on the test screen.

    I hope yours behaves, and that mine does too. I have too much $ tied up in case & spare batteries to want to get rid of it. Just planning to go in a different direction next year when NE2 is up. I know "everyone is a business user and shouldn't depend solely on the blackberry." that said, I'm department chair at one hospital and will be doing the same at another next year. Timely emails & other communication about patient safety issues, drug shortages, etc. are why I went to this platform. In retrospect, a more robust but "boring" unit with trackpad & physical keyboard would probably have served my personal uses much better. Live & learn.

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    No worries, I get what you mean. Now that you've defined hypersensitivity, mine doesn't have that problem. I think you would want to take it in to your carrier to have it inspected. Or you can use a Torx screwdriver and DIY the screw at the back of the phone yourself - I'm going to do that soon when my screwdriver arrives in the mail.

    Actually, since you work in a hospital, why don't you get an iPhone? I'm just saying this based off on how popular the iPhone is in the healthcare industry, especially with the apps and whatnot. Apparently it's very useful there. I believe you can get pushmail on the iPhone too.

    Truth be told, I work much more productively and efficiently with a qwerty BB. I came from a Curve 8520 and although I've regained most of my original typing speed on the S2, it just isn't as fast as a qwerty BB. I mentioned this somewhere in another thread, that the hotkeys and convenience keys with QuickLaunch make me fly with the qwerty BB. "t" for tasks, "l" for calendar... you get my drift.
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