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    So I broke my first storm by trying to take off the LCD cover and clean out the dust well it didn't work. I ended up cracking the screen right down the middle length wise. So I called asurion and they sent me a replacement the next day. Well I received a brand new storm in unopened box! I was excited! Out of the box the phone was great!

    Now a week later... I decided to take the screen protector off that comes with the phone pre installed. And the first thing I noticed was a few little dust specs at the top right of my screen! Cleaned the screen and their still their!

    Isn't rim ever going to fix this major wack issue?!?!

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    WOW!! that sux. I had the dust issue with my first storm, and held out as long as possible. I uploaded a few movies to the storm with amazing clarity and definition, so when i tried to show others they noticed the little specks on the screen. So I finally had to replace it. I got a refurb, and here it is 2 days later i am having the screen "CLICK" issues. If it was not for the dust I would have loved to keep my original. It was FLAWLESS without the dust issue. Never froze up, lagged or anything. I guess i had one of the few, GOOD ones. Now it is back to Verizon for another replacement. Other than the click issue this phone is great. havent had it long enough to see about the dust returning. Sorry for your luck man, but i am right there with you. Figured by now the CLICK would be fixed too. On to phone number 3.
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    yup on my 3rd one and dust again, i give up. im planning on taking the whole thing apart as described here somewhere on the forums and vacuuming out the dust and sealing the screen myself, may take some time but hey, might work
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