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    Ok, I hope I'm not breaking rules here...but I saw this post for .99 and figured that others might like to see it...it worked for me....special thanks to the author!!

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    New .99 MMS Solution... Not a Fix, but its Easier...


    OK the email the pic and foward it was getting annoying on the .99 OS so I found another way to send pix as MMS. You will need the 3rd party app CaptureIt to do this.

    1) Choose a pic, media, or wallpaper and position it as portrait or landscape.
    This goes for media and pics you receive from others sending you MMS or

    2) At this time trigger CaptureIt with what ever button you assign for it. I used the Left Convenience button for it

    3) now go back to your pics folder and select the pic you took with capture it and hit the BB button and select send as MMS and there you go....

    I thought this would eliminate a couple steps from the Email and forwarding process for sending pics on the .99 OS. I did this procedure and hated it when i had to wait for the email to myself to send and receive when i was in bad coverage.

    Here is the other step I found while searching but just took too long...
    1. Recieve MMS that you would like to forward
    2. Hit BB key, pick Forward As
    3. Pick Email
    4. Enter your email address in and send
    5. Once email is recieved back, open it
    6. Click attatchment (the picture name) and pick OPEN
    7. The picture will download and open, make sure to leave it on that screen and dont back up to the email.
    8. Hit BB key, and pick Send as MMS
    9. Theres your working MMS message

    Hope some of you can find this helpful. And for some of the peeps here that have to put their two cents here... this is not a fix, its just a temporary solution until another OS comes out.

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    02-20-09 03:06 PM
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    You can follow this link to fix it without any need for a workaround.

    To paraphrase though:
    Its actually very simple.
    Download Crackutil if you dont have it

    Download .86 MMS COD file

    MAKE SURE YOU USE DM AND BACKUP ALL INFO FIRST!!! Close DM when finished. Open Crackutil, pick file manipulation tab. Select Retrieve File Listing Button. Scroll through list till you see "net_rim_bb_mms". Select file, then use Remove File From Device button. My phone then rebooted, a couple of errors will show on phone, dont worry about them. Once up and running again, I selected Load File to Device, then selected the .86mms cod that you downloaded. I had to put that file into the Crackutil directory before it would load it (Win XP is here C:\Program Files\CrackUtil). I created a new folder in their for original .103 MMS Cod file, that way it was backed up just in case. Once all that was done, it rebooted again. Start up DM and do a restore, and MMS seems to be functioning perfectly now.
    02-20-09 07:06 PM
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    Thanks again Turbo, its still working great on mine after doing that fix!

    02-21-09 03:28 PM
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    all i do is save pic, go into pic folder and open pic, then hit the pic which makes it a little larger, then hit blackerry key and select send as MMS and see if that works that away, it does for me!!
    02-21-09 04:34 PM
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    Turbo, you rule! This works perfectly, thanks!!
    02-22-09 04:57 PM
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    Appreciate the thanks guys, but I didnt come up with the solution, just spreading the info best I can. I think the only thing that gets to me on .103 now is the typing lag, and the sometimes lag you get trying to answer a text message. Someday RIM will get it right, at least I hope.
    02-22-09 07:24 PM
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    +1 this worked great for me! Just needed to add 1 more step of reregistering the service books. No big deal. However I can now forward MMS's without a problem.

    Thanks a lot!
    02-24-09 11:53 AM
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    Does anyone know if this will work with Telus as the carrier?
    02-25-09 04:34 PM
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    I used the Crackutil fix and it worked like a charm. Thanks for the info.

    By the way I am running 109
    02-25-09 05:05 PM
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    Does anyone know if this will work with Telus as the carrier?
    Yes, in theory, it should. I'm thinking thatthe mms cod file is blackberry default, not carrier specific.
    02-25-09 05:46 PM
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    Works like a charm man, thanx for the info !!!
    02-26-09 01:24 AM