1. jRob2k's Avatar
    hey, i've got an unlocked blackberry storm on the ATT network. i used the guide and got everything working except for the MMS. this is really getting me frustrated because the service books that i am loading to the device have MMS but they dont show up on the device. the option to send one is there, it just tells me that its not configured and can only save a draft. someone please help me. sorry if i'm double posting, but i've done a search and havent come up with anything other than the guide.
    05-14-10 02:31 PM
  2. Blacklac's Avatar
    to my knowledge, there isn't really a way to get MMS to work correctly on the Storm after rebooting.

    Is it possible for you to use email as a work around? You can email pictures or files to non smartphones. Just have them send a MMS to your email address and save that address to their contact. It will not be their number, but something like [email protected] or something. It works perfect, but I have no idea about any charges on their end...
    05-14-10 02:39 PM
  3. jRob2k's Avatar
    dang. is this the case with the Storm 2. if i get a 9520 and use it on ATT while MMS still be impossible to set up?
    05-14-10 03:24 PM
  4. Blacklac's Avatar
    It's just hit or miss. Some people have been lucky enough to have the MMS service book stay on the phone after a reboot. It seems most don't. I could not get it to stay on my phone after a reboot.
    05-14-10 04:19 PM