1. xbangerang's Avatar
    So I've searched other threads to no avail so if you know the answer or know where I can find it I would much appreciate the help!

    Here's my problem: I have an unlocked 9530 on T-Mobile and whenever I receive an MMS I receive an extremely downgraded very grainy picture but when the same picture is sent to other phones, even my old storm which i gave to my friend to use on VZW, the picture comes out full quality. Is there a setting issue i'm missing or is it just because i'm using it on TMo?
    04-16-10 04:52 PM
  2. BrwnSuga3's Avatar
    I'm not sure either. I have an unlocked 9630 and also a 9530 and they both have crappy pictures when I get a MMS. I have one picture that came in wonderful quality and I can't figure out how. Everyone says that it must be the other person's camera but when I send a picture to myself its crappy too. So here's hoping we find someway to fix this.
    04-18-10 02:59 AM