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    Ok I seem to have more blackberry problems than any other user out there. My new problem which started today is that when someone sends me an MMS that contains a picture and audio file together it comes in showing the picture and then under the pic it has the audio file with a blue "play" button to play the audio. Until today I used to be able to open the message and the audio would play in the backgroud while viewing the picture.
    05-23-09 07:36 PM
  2. oI Platinum Io's Avatar
    This can become very laggy if you have a lot of these stored on your phone. As well there is an option to auto-start sounds features.
    05-23-09 07:41 PM
  3. Morf32's Avatar
    I have also noticed that I have to press the volume up button on the side of the phone sometimes to get the sound to start playing.
    05-23-09 08:06 PM
  4. tm85664's Avatar
    I did a fresh OS install and have no messages and still have same problem.

    This is what it used to look like when i received a picture with audio. Notice at the top where is has "Volume 6" to let me know that the audio is playing in background.

    This is what it looks like now. I have to push the play button to hear the audio instead of it playing automatically
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    05-23-09 09:34 PM
  5. oI Platinum Io's Avatar
    Interesting, i'll look into it.
    05-23-09 09:36 PM
  6. rocky271's Avatar
    Just today when I get a picture message it just shows a blabl box. I have been running .122 fine for weeks now until today. Any help? Thanks!

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    05-24-09 12:16 AM