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    I plan on installing .109 later this afternoon when I have some free time to invest (I'm running .75 and this will be my first beta) but I've done a lot of reading about it beforehand and I see there is an MMS problem. Someone posted this fix:

    Install the .86 MMS.cod file and your MMS forwarding issue is fixed. For those who dont know what was meant by the blank grey box...if someone sends you a clip or picture and you forward it to someone else all they see is a grey box. In some cases, it comes to your phone as a grey bax as well. Trust me....the .86mms.cod file fixes this.
    Could someone give me a little more detailed description of what he means? Or point me to the thread that talks about it Thanks!

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    03-05-09 09:36 AM
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    Thanks! I new it was somewhere around here...

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