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    I have a Storm 9500 with Platform version and Device Software version Previously I had a general Messages folder/icon on my home screen along with other folders/icons for other email accounts. I had it set to send my Exchange emails to the general folder and the other accounts to their respective folders. However a couple weeks ago the general folder disappeared. I can still find my mail if i go into one of the other mail folders then select view folder and scroll down to the Exchange inbox. How can I get this folder to appear on my home screen again?
    04-14-10 01:58 PM
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    First see if the file is hidden. Open the full menu, then bb key --> show all. If not, try to resend your service books. You do this by going to email setup, logging in (if applicable), then blackberry key --> service books --> send service books
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    04-14-10 02:16 PM
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    thx for the response. On the full menu the only option I get are Move, Move to Folder, Hide, Add Folder, and Switch Application. I had the service books resent yesterday and it still didn't help.
    04-14-10 02:43 PM