1. xtsinc's Avatar
    I have called most of the metro stores. All are opening at the usual time and not taking lists (big news right? ha). So, to be that guy and start a new thread about a city/state, who's all going out on Friday and where (if you dare)? I'm debating it, but since I'm not doin so hot in my circuits class, not too sure I wanna miss it....but its the storm! If I can't get one Friday, I'm gonna call it in. Not sure if Saturday delivery is free or not (overnight is) but being VIP, I probably can fanangle that.

    On a side note, I have a NE2 date of 1/31. I've called multiple times and no luck. The last csr that I talked too was the best and most informative person yet. She said unfortunately my NE2 is over 2 months away so it wont really work out, but I can use my VIP to get $50 off. I tried a few angles but to no avail. She said she'd love to but could not. She also decided to try and order it for me (didn't have to ask) and she said its on hold in the system.

    Here's to a 5 degree windchill on friday!!!
    11-20-08 12:08 AM
  2. Mdiddy's Avatar
    I called the store in South St.Paul and they are opening an hour early on Friday. The lady I spoke to told me that they plan on getting them in and she was expecting a shipment yesterday(wednesday), but it still wasn't in. I'm going to call again tomorrow and see if it arrived. I plan on being there bright and early on Friday no matter how cold it is...maybe some hot chocolate and schnapps!
    11-20-08 12:29 AM
  3. rc1078's Avatar
    I was in Maple Grove on tuesday. I didn't ask if they were opening up early or not. They did say they expect close to 50 on friday, 50 more on monday and more on wednesday. Also if you don't get it in the store on friday you can just order it from there on friday and have it shipped to you. If I dont get it friday thats what I am going to do. 2 days and 2 early store visits! Cities Sampler Thursday and Storm on Friday!
    11-20-08 01:19 AM
  4. oNioN's Avatar
    Newbie lurker here looking to get a Storm (first BB). Long time Verizon user. Will check out the Burnsville store, either Fri or Sat. Wife may hold me up, but she wants a BB too. NE2 was up in April, so should be good to go. Good luck all. Funny thing is, I tried to get a Dare about 2 months ago, but the lady at the VZW store didn't want to sell me one. She relented when I told her I really wanted an iPhone. Wife couldn't make up her mind, so we left empty handed......
    11-20-08 08:45 AM
  5. big dawg 23's Avatar
    I called West St. Paul yesterday and they said they are not opening early. I was going tomorrow at 9 to get one until my call with Tech support this morning. I have a 6800 which has been replaced 3 times for a variety of reasons and my last replacement(Yesterday) is defective. In short they are sending me a Storm to replace my 6800.
    11-20-08 09:46 AM
  6. xtsinc's Avatar
    I have the 6800 and I've replaced it once already and now its not doing to well still. That being as it may, I'm impatient and am going to use my VIP tomorrow. $150 vs waiting...plus work is paying for it
    11-20-08 10:43 AM