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    Am going to Cancun for a week. So far I think just turning data off and enabling WiFi will be the way to go. I'm very new to Berry roaming so if you could see my reasoning below and let me know if I've missed anything I'd appreciate it :

    1) I want to receive incoming calls while working - I'll just turn my Berry off most of the time and check vmail for those that came in when it was off; If they come in while I'm working I'll answer them no problem; If I use a SIM from Mexico then incoming calls will go straight to vmail 100% of the time, correct?

    2) I can turn data "Off while roaming" and use WiFi for email and browsing at no charge except for the local WiFi charges, correct?

    3) Telus says data while roaming in Mexico is $25/MB with no package, or $25 for 1st 2 MB and $15/MB after that - does this make sense?

    TIA - R.
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