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    Hey guys i have a storm that i got off a guy that was already flashed over to metro pcs with just talk and text and i had the hardest time getting the mms and internet to work. i finally broke down and paid a guy i found on craigslist to get it up and running and its working great. the only thing that is currently not working is email and i was wondering if i was to call metro and switch my plan over from the $40 a month plan to their $60 a month BB plan would that enable the email to work and also would i be able to use apps from app world? I do know that i am not able to set up BIS with them but i just dont know if that has anything to do with it or not since they told me i couldnt have internet without BIS and obviously i can because it is up and running on the phone now. thanks for any suggestions. appreciate the help.
    06-19-10 04:24 PM
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    From what I read this is what I got out of similar questions. Unless they activated your device as a BB through metro, which I also read you have a better chance of winning the lottery, any BB apps including appworld will NOT work. 3rd party apps not developed by rim may still function and if you have the net try a 3rd party email program or use the mobile site of your email provider. Sure it takes longer but it will save you 20 dollars for nothing extra.

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    06-20-10 08:05 PM
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    thanks for the advice. ive taken to just going to aol's mobile site for the email like you suggested and i have found SOME 3rd party apps that will work (cnn mobile, the app that lets the LED change colors) but i have found some that wont (bank of america) appreciate your advice
    06-23-10 03:29 PM