1. FallOutBoyTonto's Avatar
    Hello all! Newbie here...

    I recently tried to update my unlocked 9550 being used on Bell network to and seemed to have messed up the e-mail settings...

    I do have talk and text working; unable to get data plan activated but e-mail was working while connected to my home Wifi. After the update I am no longer able to send or receive e-mails even while connected to my Wifi

    I was happy with no data but wifi working but now it may as well be a regular phone (not 'smartphone') without e-mail working...

    I am able to use the browser while on wifi but e-mail don't work no more.

    The host routing table is now empty with "No Entries"; do I need something in there to have e-mail working with wifi? E-mail entries are visible in "Service books"

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
    06-18-10 08:17 PM
  2. PurpleSwordfish's Avatar
    As much as it's a pain in the ****, I would re-do the service books process outlined in the unlock threads in the 9530 forum. I recently did an OS update on an unlocked Tour for TMO. After that, I lost the service books somehow (never happened before with other unlocked phones), and had to replicate the process that I initially did when I first put the phone on TMO.
    06-18-10 08:33 PM