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    I have multiple email accounts on my phone but I can't seem to get a new message symbol on each of my accounts on the home screen. I get it on my SMS icon when I have a new message though, can someone tell me how to set it up please?

    By the way does anyone know if you can download emoticons onto the text messaging?
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    The messaging icons on the storm are still a little bit flaky at the moment. I just sent a test message to my blackberry email and my gmail email accounts. Both messages were received by the device but only the messages and my gmail account received the notification symbol. I deleted the messages and tried again. This time all three received the new message symbol. I never really worried about this before since I have my email accounts hidden and all messages going the messages folder. I do this since I like all my emails going to one spot and can find out which account they were sent to from the To field at the top of the message.

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    So are you saying this is impossibel to set up then?

    Does anyone know how to get chinese language support on the blackberry storm?
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