1. ward.dixon's Avatar
    Hello - on my Storm 9530, when the application memory gets low, the OS brings up a basic screen with black text on a white background that lists all of the applications running and the memory that each one is using. It also has a check box beside each one so that I can select them for deletion.

    I am not talking about the memory screen that you can get to from the Media icon and I am not talking about going to Options... Memory...
    Also I am not talking about the one in Options... Applications

    Is it possible to bring this screen up on demand or is it triggered by the OS somehow?

    04-15-10 04:42 PM
  2. anon4705193's Avatar
    Its triggered when it realizes your memory has gone below a certain level. I don't know about getting it on demand

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    04-15-10 05:51 PM
  3. Green_Laser's Avatar
    i get that a lot with this official .328 and dont recall getting that msg at all with previous OS's.

    but to help answer you question, i think you can only get that to show up when the mem is low - at least that is the only time i see it pop up.

    but if you wanted to see how much mem each single app takes goto options>applications>3rd party and click on each single one and it will show you how much space that specifically selected app takes.
    04-15-10 05:56 PM