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    Ive been downloading lots of themes trying to find the right one I like. I finally found the grungey gant which I like and someone told me that when you use a theme other than the default you get memory leaks. Im still confused about what exactly they are and tried looking through some threads. Can someone help me out here? Should I delete it or not? Safe? Thanks
    03-02-09 09:24 AM
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    A memory leak is residual data from programming that is not fully QCd. When you run apps and other things. Data is moved around. In a perfect world, when this data is moved. Everything is moved. But this world is FAR from perfect and little bits of data are left where they don't belong. Fortunately most issues caused by this is easily fixed by a battery pull (while the phone is still on) or service books.
    Unless your friend is a real programmer (not a kiddy coder). I wouldn't pay too much credence to their statement and just have fun with your bb. Of course common sense prevails. Don't load apps or themes just because they are free. Have an actual use for them and see what others say about them too.


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    thanks. yeah just a guy i met on CB lol
    03-02-09 09:59 AM