02-23-09 05:40 PM
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  1. jjenson80's Avatar
    thanks Dogosaur. You even showed me that I could lock the number/ symbol button. I did not know that. Again thank you.
    02-06-09 11:08 PM
  2. jjenson80's Avatar
    One more thing... So log maid is supposed to clean the event log every 30 mins.??? I will have to download it again.
    02-06-09 11:10 PM
  3. dogosaur's Avatar
    ContemporarySteel: LogMaid should not make that much of a difference. If you are running Weatherbug then you may want to consider setting it to update every 4hrs instead of 15minutes. Otherwise perhaps you should discipline yourself to close/exit each application every time you use it. That is done by pressing the Blackberry key and selecting "Close"...it will be at the very bottom or if close is not there then "Exit" should be used. If neither one is there don't sweat it.

    You can also do the following if you want. I'm not sure it makes a huge difference but every little bit helps. Follow this path: Options > Security Options > Memory Cleaning...then... Status = Enabled; Clean When Holstered = Yes; Clean When Idle = Yes; Idle Time Out = 30 minutes (you can set this for less if you like); Show Icon on Home Screen = Yes.

    After that press the Return button (U Turn arrow) and Save, then Close and Close again until you get to your Home screen.

    You will now have a "Memory Cleaner" button on your home page. Check your Application Memory, jot down what it is, close out to your home page, press the Memory Cleaner button then go back and check your Application Memory. Give the phone about a half hour to actually get some stuff built up.

    If you aren't sure where your Application Memory is located, it is in Options > Memory > scoll down a couple lines and there you have it. Good luck...remember to close your apps.
    02-07-09 01:21 AM
  4. mR742's Avatar
    what in the **** could you have on your phone to be under 1 mb ??????

    Mine dropped to 0.0kb this afternoon...I have

    Besides the normal apps that come on the phone
    02-23-09 05:40 PM
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