1. substring's Avatar
    Can someone please tell me how to find out what apps are still running on the background so that I can close them explicitly? I noticed my memory is decreasing as the day goes by.

    Now, I have read some posts that people suggested to pull the battery on a regular basis. Is it a recommended practice? Does it mean the device has no garbage collection routine to free up memory?
    02-12-09 11:43 AM
  2. dogosaur's Avatar
    The Storm does have a garbage collector that runs in the background. The degree of efficiency may be contingent on what version of the OS you are running. Most seem to be on v.99 and have a Memory Cleaner active from either a 3rd party app like "logMaid" or from within the Storm itself. Additionally, you may want to list what 3rd party apps you have running. If you have Weatherbug, as many do, set it to refresh itself every 4 hrs instead of every 15 mins. Hope this helps...BTW..Storm has a Memory Cleaner. Add it to your Home Page. Access it by Options > Security Options > Memory Cleaning.
    02-12-09 11:58 AM
  3. bigman2's Avatar
    First off, just because the memory levels go down does NOT mean something "bad" is going on. If you want to see what apps you have open, just hold down the BB/Menu key and the app switcher will pop up. There are at least 5 apps you cannot close however: Home, Messages, BB Messenger, Phone/Dialer, and the browser.

    And no offense to dogosaur but they're mixing all kinds of info from various sources into a big jumble of (mostly) bad info.

    Yes the Storm has a garbage collector, or a program that automatically frees up memory. No it has nothing to do with the memory cleaning function. That is a automated secure delete program, which is why it's under the SECURITY Options and has nothing to do with free app mem. The garbage collector will kick in when the phone is idle, or as needed, but it will NOT run continuously for battery performance reasons.

    IMO, what little I've seen of the logmaid program makes me think it's pretty much useless. Nice for the OCD type who go nuts if things aren't absolutely pristine and even the slightest bit of clutter is more than they can deal with. For the rest of us, it really serves no practical purpose outside a placebo effect. No offense is intended towards the logmaid author, and I fully admit there might be a lot more to the app than I'm aware of.

    The best thing you can do, is just break yourself of the habit of obsessing over free app mem. If/When your phone starts suffering a performance hit, you can think about steps like a battery pull, but until then, who really cares what the level is? Odds are very good before it starts deleting things like your call history it will start acting a bit sluggish.
    02-12-09 12:18 PM
  4. substring's Avatar
    Thanks for the information. My Storm is very new and it is running .75 version of the OS. I want to leave it on .75 for a while until I get more familiar with the device. I want to set up a baseline first before upgrading the OS. In that case, if there is any new issue arises after the upgrade, I know it is caused by the upgrade and not the device itself.

    At this time, I have only installed Google Latitude, Facebook, and VZ Navigator. I have no need for WeatherBug. All those applications that I have installed should not be running on the background. But that's why I want to find out how to check to make sure.

    I will try your suggestion to run the Memory Cleaner and see.

    02-12-09 12:19 PM