1. andi08's Avatar
    hi , not sure if this has been asked before. But is there a quick way to edit a memo, ie - i have a template for invoicing on my memo on my storm. So when i need to change the words or add to a line , is there a quick way to go up or down on the lines so that i can make alteration?. On my old curve you could use the trackball. so u could go up or down quickly. Any suggestions gratefully received! Hopefully this is understandable......
    12-01-08 04:47 PM
  2. skinnedcartree's Avatar
    Click on the line you want to alter, you will see the blue curser, if you hold your finger there for a couple seconds it turns into a box, then you can drag it left or right with your finger.

    I have a question - is there a way to change the settings so that memos are in the order you created them, with the earliser first?

    I use mine as a food diary and they are all mixed up.
    01-03-09 07:13 AM