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    Ok, this was strange...

    Last night I created a 'folder' on my media card. After this sub folder was created, I moved some pics to that new folder. When I tried to open or access the images in that new folder I could not view anything. If I clicked the new folder - it simply displayed the camera icon in the list, one directory up.

    the screen I am referring to, after selecting MEDIA, then PICTURES from the HOME SCREEN:

    All Pictures
    Picture Folders
    Sample Pictures

    So I created a NEW folder under Picture Folders
    (Picture Folders/NEW FOLDER)

    If I stepped back and highlighted the newly created sub folder - and selected 'open' from the menu key - no files (pics) found.

    If I highlighted the folder and selected "info" from the menu button - I could verify that there was files in that folder, because it displayed file 'size' - data present.

    The only way I was able to retrieve the pics from this folder was to attach it to my desktop via USB. I opened the pic folder and inside was my newly created sub folder with the pics I had moved. I dragged those pics back out to the Pictures Folder and was able to view/display those images again.

    What am I missing?

    Is creation of a sub folder inside another on the media card somehow "hide" those files by default?

    Am I just being dumb and missing something obvious?
    11-11-09 09:26 AM