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    I am a fairly new blackberry owner as ive only had my storm for just under a year and i am brand new to crackberry. I am on macintosh OSX leopard. My media sync never allowed me to see my itunes music or playlists in blackberry desktop manager so I just added music manually to the media card. I assumed this was just an issue with mac and blackberry as i know they havent always been compatible. Thats why i waited until BB DM came out for mac. At some point I deleted the music to make room for movies. They transfered fine and I deleted them later. Every since the first time I added music my SD mico card has said that the card is using 6.4 GBs of storage with 1.7 GBs of available space left. I have deleted everything i can find on the card that I dont need but the number doesnt change at all. I opened memory use on the blackberry from the media menu and it said that 74% of the used space was taken up by the "other" category. Could anyone tell me how to find out what this other space is and/or how to delete it? I would like to add music back on the phone in the amount of about 4 GBs but cant do that until i find out what all this used space is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    08-21-10 10:04 PM