1. bgoodwin2112's Avatar
    Hello, Can't seem to find this error when I search the forum....I am getting "A Media Card is not presently inserted in the device" when I go to;
    options>memory and cursor to the bottom of the screen. I removed the media card and tried it in another storm (mine) and mine was able to detect it. I then put my memory card into the storm that was unable to read the memory card and it too could not read my card. Media Card Support at the top of the screen is set to "on"......am I missing something?
    02-15-09 08:30 PM
  2. known-associate's Avatar
    I had the same problem last week with my new storm, took it back to the dealer and had to get a new one. They didn't seem to know what was up.

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    02-15-09 08:37 PM