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    Hi There

    I know this took a while to get around to, but I've been really busy. mdSync is my iTunes to BB Storm sync utility. The advantages over Blackberry Media Sync are that it's faster and it syncs whatever is in your playlist, this includes video, so you can sync the Onion Video News again. Yay! I welcome all feedback. I use this daily so it should be fine for you. It may also work with other BB devices, but I have only tested it with a Storm on Windows XP.

    It can be downloaded from my site: www.MikeDePaul.com/mdUtils . The site is very much a work in progress and as of yet this is the only operational page.

    Reminder: The first sync will be a full sync so it will take a while. Give it a few hours. You can still test it in the C:\ or any other drive by selecting it from the drop down.

    Updates include a tweaked UI and the ability to specify and save a different XML file location if you use a non-standard music location like a different partition. It also now has a standard install and uninstall process.m going to be soon. If you find anything major, let me know and I'll address it.

    Click the "More Info" link and watch the vid if you want to see it in action.
    03-04-09 09:08 PM