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    Ok I have two email accounts that are forwarded to my Storm, I get text messages (of course), I have three places to check messages that come to my phone...but then I have the "messages" button that i get a duplicate copy of every txt message, email, and even notifications of missed calls and voice mails.

    That fourth option is driving me nuts!!! when i clear out the txt and emails, I have to do it again under the "messages" button. Anyway to turn that one off? hiding it doesnt work.......
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    What I did for mine is separate the email and sms inboxes. This way all my SMS and MMS go to their own folder and not the messages folder. Also I have my missed calls, voice messages, BBM and email from both of my accounts going to the messages folder. I also hid the icons for my two email accounts from the home screen since you can just choose which email account you want to send with when you compose, reply or forward an email.

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