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    Hey everyone,

    I purchased a storm on Friday and it was extremely terrible. Lag, crashing, bugs, etc. It was almost unusable. I was running (Platform

    I looked for an update from the blackberry loader website and it said that there was nothing new, but only older software. Being as how frustrated I was (finding out that boygenius figured out it was supposed to ship with .82 by peeling your SKU label on the box), I decided to try the "downgrade" anyway. This took approximately 30 minutes to complete, but once it was done everything seems so much better now. the accelerometer doesn't look up and everything feels much quicker (still a little lag, but not nearly as bad).

    To perform this update yourself just go to (haven't done 10 posts so put the url together)

    http: // worldwide. blackberry. com/ update/ blackberrystorm.jsp


    This is to get (Platform

    click the check for updates button and then when it prompts you with a PIN password leave it blank. Continue on and install the "downgrade" version and your all set. Hope this helps until .82 gets properly released.

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    11-23-08 03:54 AM
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    hmm thanks ... but i dont see how it is faster ..
    11-23-08 03:57 AM
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    Yeah its not faster. You could also have downgraded by installing the software on the cd that came with the phone. That has already been talked about also.
    11-23-08 04:14 AM
  4. Sooks's Avatar
    yuup .... re upgrade and then battery bull garenteed faster
    11-23-08 04:17 AM
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    Wow, just wow. I mean, at least 50 people have posted in this thread from personal experience that platform .76 is slower and more problematic than platform .82. But this guy is actually encouraging people to downgrade to the worse version. Wow.

    Folks, do yourself a huge favor and ignore this thread. Do not downgrade your phone.
    11-23-08 04:34 AM
  6. Sooks's Avatar
    lol... mkleiman be nice ... lol...
    11-23-08 04:52 AM
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    i read somewhere else that you can remove vzw navigator to make the phone more reliable/faster. is it true you can remove it? i will never pay $10 for that crap. it should be free, plus i have nav in the car.
    11-23-08 05:09 AM
  8. Sooks's Avatar
    yes you can remove it just highlight vz nav bberry button and delete
    11-23-08 05:13 AM
  9. mike240se's Avatar
    very cool thanks. and has anyone noticed the increased speed or decreased mem usage after this? i doubt it was running all the time or something anyways,
    11-23-08 05:17 AM
  10. ddowell13815's Avatar
    Apps will clear up your memory and thus improving you performance.
    Even something as small as the task app will clear 48b of memory.

    How to Increase Blackberry's File free memory
    11-23-08 05:27 AM