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    After upgrading to the new OS, my contacts became all messed up.

    1. I now have doubles, triples, and quadruples of the same names in my contacts.
    2. Many names and/or numbers have vanished.
    3. Under some of my contacts, there will be 3 different phone numbers under one name, most of the time it isn't the contact's phone number.
    4. I have lost PINs, and some PINs are now linked with different names.
    5. I have the Facebook app and those are all messed up as well in my contacts.

    I have lost the majority of my phone numbers and I don't know what to do.

    After I first noticed this problem, I manually changed as many as I could. It has "rearranged" my contacts several times in the past week or so.

    I don't know if I should downgrade and stick with the downgrade, or if I should downgrade and then try to upgrade yet again.
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    04-23-10 09:31 PM
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    You made a backup before updating right? clear out your address book databases with advanced backup/restore and bring the address book back over, if that doesn't clear it up, try reinstalling the new software. If all else fails, go back to your old OS.
    04-23-10 11:28 PM