1. nate8u's Avatar
    Hello I'm very new to downloading these leaks. can you tell me where to look for my contacts, i assumed it would load them automatically like .90

    btw this OS is fast!1 loving it so far
    02-01-09 05:21 AM
  2. Rooster's Avatar
    How did you install the OS? Did you wipe first? If you didnt, DM should have auto backed up and restored all your phone's info.

    Hope you backed up and if you did just run the restore function in DM.
    02-01-09 05:44 AM
  3. nate8u's Avatar
    no wipe. ill give restore a go. thanks Rooster. as always a life saver around here.. oh and yes i always back up everything
    02-01-09 06:03 AM
  4. nate8u's Avatar
    worked perfect! thanks again. wonder why it didn't just do it automatically.. in any case .99 seems so fast compared to .90 especially the browser. gonna go play!
    02-01-09 06:18 AM
  5. Rooster's Avatar
    Glad to hear things worked out!
    02-01-09 12:05 PM