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    so I was playing around with the Blackberry Desktop Manager. I recently bought a brand new iMac and thought it would be a good idea to sync all the contacts on my phone over to my iMac. I went under "contacts" on the desktop manager and clicked on "two way Sync", thinking this would mean that all contacts from my phone would be transferred over to my computer, and any contacts that I have on my computer (of which I have none, except for myself, and Apple, INC) would be tranferred over to my phone. when I unplugged it, I noticed that all of my contacts were deleted, and nothing was transferred over to my computer! I did a "BackupAssistant" (which I had done once before) and nothing seems resolved.

    if there any way to reclaim my contacts or are they gone forever?
    06-21-10 05:46 PM
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    I would check the DM to make sure the initial SYNCHRONIZE FROM location isn't set to your computer. It seems it took the info from your comp and applied it to your blackberry. Also, to get your contacts back try unselecting that box. Otherwise even if you restore you backup, if that auto sync is checked its just gonna continue to wipe away your contacts. You'll have to find some way to export your contacts from you BB to your MAC. Either way, one of the devices has to take precedence over the other, to start out.

    Try this site BlackBerry Desktop Software: a Closer Look at the Mac OS Version | Inside BlackBerry
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