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    While messing around with the PeekaWho and Aerize apps today, I lost the ability for my storm to follow my finger in landscape and portrait mode. I have set the grid to use 4x4 and there aren't any icons that would cause the screen to scroll.

    Anyone have any experience with this yet? I have done a battery pull and uninstalled both apps followed by a reboot. Current mem shows at 42.38mb

    Running .85 on a 9530 with Verizon.


    Sorry, my mistake! Didn't read it thoroughly enough.

    As per the post below me which responded:

    here are some of the things i noticed

    • accelerometer is faster than .83
    • typing is much more responsive
    • correcting misspelled words is better...selected the word to correct is more accurate
    • ringer still does not ring through headphones
    • mute key does not set phone to vibrate when locked or not
    • after about a day full of BBM (12 hrs), a dozen texts and a few phone calls, my battery dropped to 20%
    • media inserted issue resolved
    • answering the phone with the touch key, in both portrait and landscape, took one attempt
    • finger follow on the home screen has not been restored
    • locking/unlocking takes one click and less than half a second
    • when listening to music and go to camera mode, music will stop, and when viewing the picture you took, the music will turn back on
    • seems like a more solid overall build

    filename is: 9530AllLang_PBr4.7.0_rel120_PL4.0.0.107_A4.7.0.85. exe
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    It doesn't do that on .85.
    12-30-08 01:48 PM