1. Learo2000GT's Avatar
    My employer uses Lotus notes, but they dont have a BES. I got the email to work by having it forwarded to my blackberry account. However, I can not find out a way to wirelessly sncy my address book, contacts and to do list?

    My last phone was the xv6800 and I ran the intelsync program through VZW. This program is not an option, as far as I can see on the BB....

    Any help would be great....


    11-22-08 03:03 PM
  2. realitydigg's Avatar
    I use google sync (W/outlook) on my desktopto sync a google account for calendar wirelessly on a timed schedule. Contacts I export to google manually, then the new bberry google sync app syncs both. nothing yet for tasks.
    11-22-08 03:06 PM
  3. greystealth's Avatar
    Mailtrust has a sync plugin you can use. I've used it on my curve for a good while. It does a great job syncing calendar and contacts. It is actually made by funambol but Mailtrust offers it as well. I don't think it is compatible yet with the Bold or storm but I think a new version will be out in the next month or so. Good luck.

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    11-22-08 03:49 PM
  4. Learo2000GT's Avatar
    So google will do calander wirelessly? Thats great... Contacts and TO do I can live with out.... But calander I need. Thanks for the good info guys... Anyone else have any other options they have used? Thanks Doug
    11-22-08 05:55 PM
  5. wassct's Avatar
    Google Sync now syncs contacts as well, just download the new version and if you use gmail you can sync your contacts and/or calendar. Google just added it about a week ago. It's best to wipe your BB address book before your first sync.
    11-23-08 04:10 PM