1. NickPampani's Avatar
    I have had very few problems with .90 and I know I seem to be in the minority here but its true. And when comparing it back to back with my brothers .75 the problems seem to be the same. I.E few random restarts, occasional lag, double keyboard and a few relative glitches. The only unique ".90" problem Im having is a bug where the sound doesnt always work when its set to vibrate as well.

    With all this being said my brother is complaining about slow response all around and I know .90 is much faster than the official OS release. My brother isnt no wheres near the tech savvy person that even I am and therefore would probably be unable to fix a major issue. My question is would you put .90 (or another OS) on my brothers phone for him if you were me?

    One other note, my brother and I live in the same place therefore I am fairly accessible to him if something goes wrong.
    One last question I have is that if something goes wrong for him and Im not able to be there would a hard reset bring him back to at least a working version of the original OS? If so how do you do a hard reset on the storm?
    01-27-09 07:12 PM
  2. mtoomey79's Avatar
    Put .90 on his. If he doesn't like it, charge him ransom to put .75 back on.
    01-29-09 03:31 PM
  3. howardb's Avatar
    Downgrading is just as easy as upgrading. It never hurts to try.

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    01-30-09 02:42 AM
  4. polska9's Avatar
    ya try it and it may perform way better then on yours conversely it may suck and downgrading is really easy
    01-30-09 03:27 AM